20 Things That Can Ruin Your Smile… con’t - Dr. Charles Bell

by Dr. Charles Bell 12. September 2014 10:15

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16. Not Flossing:

Most people are fairly consistent with their brushing, but the same cannot be said about flossing. This is very unfortunate, because in reality they are of equal importance. Flossing is very important in terms of gum disease and preventing cavities from forming in between teeth.

"Flossing every day is one of the best things you can do to take care of your teeth. It's the single most important factor in preventing periodontal disease, which affects more than 50% of adults," says Meinecke. In my practice, I have seen many cases of significant improvements in gum health by adding daily flossing to the home care routine.

Flossing helps remove plaque and debris that sticks to teeth and gums and gives you a whiter smile by polishing the tooth's surface. Also by removing a significant amount of plaque, it has a major impact on controlling bad breath.

17. Brushing at the wrong time:

This is a very little known fact. You have always been taught to brush immediately after meals and maybe after significant snacks. But depending on what you eat or drink, that may not be the best advice.

"After consuming high-acid food or drinks, like wine, coffee, citrus fruits, and soft drinks, rinse with water to neutralize the acids, but wait an hour before reaching for the toothpaste. Brushing teeth immediately after drinking carbonated drinks and acidic foods can cause erosion," says Meinecke.

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