Gum Health and Total Body Health? Pt. 1 - Dr. Charles Bell

by Dr. Charles Bell 27. June 2014 10:15

Recent research has now clearly established a connection between gum (periodontal) disease and overall general health(“the perio-systemic link”).  This revelation has transformed the dental practice and expanded the dental professionals’ role as one of your team of health care providers.

Bacteria forms a film underneath the gum tissue which can cause the gum tissue around the teeth to inflame and degrade (gingivitis) and if not treated can result in bone destruction (periodontitis) around the teeth.  This infection invades the connective tissue around the teeth causing gum pockets which further traps more harmful bacteria and food debris.

This gum disease process has been understood for several years and the treatment protocols can involve many components once a patient’s condition is completely evaluated. Consistent and effective home hygiene care, localized in office treatments to eradicate the infection, orthodontics to improve the alignment of  teeth and patient’s bite ,replacement of defective and leaking tooth fillings , decay treatment, replacement of missing teeth and the restoring of badly worn teeth as well as the use of grinding guards can all play a role in comprehensive therapy.  Newer adjuncts to effective treatment also include analysis of the types of bacteria in the patient’s mouth to determine if systemic antibiotics are needed and also the use time-released local antibiotic gels placed directly into the gum pocket areas.

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