6/23/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 23. June 2013 20:26

Pregnancy symptom 9,99999999. :) Yay! We are getting to the horribly uncomfortable stage while sleeping. For those of you who don't know, I am not allowed to sleep on my back, have intercourse on my back, or even watch TV on my back. I am also not allowed to lay on my stomach for obvious reasons. This leaves only my sides, soon to be only my left side as I get further into the pregnancy. Sweet, huh? I also realized this does not make laying out in the sun nearly as fun either. I actually think I got the bruising from a teak lounge chair from sitting up-right for too long. When we got to Hilton Head I was quickly reminded that I can't lay on my stomach, which is my favorite position to lay out in because for whatever reason I'm able to fall asleep that way. Bummer. Ah well, I'm not supposed to laying out in the sun too much anyway. However, sleeping has become a whole new struggle. I have sciatic nerve that is killing me from pressure from the baby and when I lay on my right side it aggravates it the next day. Basically I toss and turn most of the night trying to get comfortable with this huge bulge between my thigh and breast. So when my husband asks, "Why do you have such dark circles under your eyes?" Bam - there's his answer. I know, if you're not pregnant I'm totally convincing you of how much fun it is, aren't I? Lol, sorry, just trying to forthright with you. :) WEDNESDAY Breakfast - 2 slices whole wheat toast, tomato, and 1 scrambled egg 1 cup fat-free organic milk 3/4 cup pineapple Lunch - 1 cup fat-free refried beans in a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce and tomato Fat-free yogurt Snack - Nectarine Dinner - Baked potato with 1/2 cup cottage cheese and broccoli Snack - Skinny Cow

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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