Three Options of Replacing Teeth

by Dr. James Springer 20. April 2013 13:07

Because feeling and looking good are important to us all, it very important to keep and maintain a attractive and healthy smile in life. 

All ages of life can benefit from a smile that makes them happy about themselves and function for best over health possible in life span. 


If your are missing one or more teeth, you may be aware of the importance of these teeth to your appearance and eating ability for proper digestion.  All your teeth work together while chewing, talking, speaking, smiling and overall appearance.  Even missing one of your back teeth can cause your mouth to not function properly while eating, talking and appearance, by having your mouth shift and face look older. 



There are three ways to correct missing teeth.  These are implants, fixed bridges and removable partials.  You need to have a serious conversation with your dentist in choosing the correct treatment best for your appearance and function.  Following blogs, I will discuss these various  treatment plans.


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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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